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Located in the Eastside region of King County, Bellevue is Seattle’s largest suburb and is located across from Lake Washington. It is the sixth-wealthiest community in Washington out of 522 communities. CNN Money named it the number one place to live and start a business. Many notable people live or have lived in Bellevue, including the cofounders of the band Heart, the drummer of Yes, Wikipedia’s co-founder Larry Sanger, linebackers for the Seattle Seahawks and the Oakland Raiders, and Seattle Mariners players. Although it is a wealthy and pleasant community, it has its share of domestic violence and sex crimes accusations like other communities around the country. Charges involving intimacy are particularly sensitive. If you are accused of a sex crime or domestic violence near Bellevue, you should retain a capable criminal defense attorney to aggressively assist you. Vindicate Criminal Law Group has the knowledge and dedication to craft an effective strategy tailored to your situation.

Accusations of Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes

Domestic violence crimes are those where the connection between the parties is established under RCW 10.99.020 and RCW 26.50.010. Under RCW 10.99.020(3), a family or household relationship is one between spouses, former spouses, people with a child in common, adults related by blood or marriage, adults presently living together or who have lived together, people who are 16 or older who live together or lived together previously and currently have or have had a dating relationship, and those who have a biological or legal parent-child relationship, including step-parents or grandchildren. If this relationship is established, your case can become more complicated.

Unlike some other crimes, domestic violence charges necessitate a mandatory court appearance where the state requests certain conditions of release. Prosecutors almost always ask for a “no contact order,” even if the alleged victim does not want this.

The no contact order prohibits you from contacting the alleged victim. It can result in families being torn apart and complicate the ability to give money for the support of shared children. Violating a no contact order even when the alleged victim regrets making a complaint can result in up to five years in prison. If you are convicted of a crime with a domestic violence designation, you will lose your ability to possess firearms for life or until the court reinstates this right. You will probably be required to attend treatment, which can be expensive.

Like domestic violence charges, sex crime charges can have life-altering consequences, even if there is no conviction. This is why it is so important to retain an attorney as soon as you know you are accused of this type of offense. The category of sex crimes comprises all illegal forms of sexual intercourse or sexual contact. It can also include obscenity or child pornography. The severity of the crime can affect the penalty imposed upon conviction. For example, second-degree rape of a child requires the prosecution to prove that there was sexual intercourse when the victim is 12 or 13 years old and that the defendant is at least three years older. This is a class A felony, which means if you are convicted, you can be sentenced up to life in prison, or fined up to $50,000, or both. Upon conviction, you will have to register with the sheriff of your county. Your registration there can affect your ability to keep or secure a job and get housing.

Seek Guidance on Facing Prosecution from a Bellevue Attorney

If you are facing charges near Bellevue, it is critical to retain an experienced sex crimes lawyer who understands the legal consequences of various strategies and how to protect your rights. At Vindicate Criminal Law Group,we recognize the toll these allegations are taking on your life.

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