Vindicate Criminal Law Group is an award-winning law firm that is dedicated exclusively to criminal defense in Washington throughout the Pacific Northwest Region to include Bellevue, Seattle, Everett and Tacoma. At Vindicate, you are not just hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you are hiring an elite team of attorneys to defend you. Our attorneys have excellent track records, having obtained dismissals, acquittals, and not guilty verdicts by successfully representing serious allegations in a wide variety of criminal cases.

Every team member at Vindicate understands that our clients are our life blood. We continually strive to provide our clients the most favorable outcome and best experience possible under extremely trying and potentially life-altering circumstances.


Our practice is built upon the time-tested rule that success is 99% perspiration and 1 percent inspiration.  We train to be the most prepared and knowledgeable people in the courtroom—every time, without exception.  Each of our attorneys is battled tested and are known to have formidable reputations with judges and prosecutors.  Of course, past success is no guarantee of future success and we cannot guarantee a particular outcome in a particular case.  That is why our attorneys attend rigorous trainings (such as the Institute of Trial Advocacy at the University of Virginia) and continuing legal education seminars to hone their trial skills and keep up on cutting edge legal techniques.

Most cases are complex and require a great deal of work behind the scenes from investigating the claims to consulting with experts, interviewing witnesses, pretrial proceedings and trial preparation.  At Vindicate, every case is thoroughly analyzed by some of the best criminal defense lawyers in Washington with the goal of building you an indestructible defense.   We guide our clients through the complexities of the justice system, advise them of their options, and aggressively represent them in all phases of legal proceedings.

Available and Dedicated

You will see, from your very first phone call to the last, that our law firm is dedicated to you and your loved ones.  We understand these are very stressful and emotional situations for everyone involved. Oftentimes friends or family members call in because their loved one was arrested and cannot research a criminal lawyer.  Our phones are always open, and our attorneys will visit your loved one in jail right away so that we can begin work immediately.

We emphasize our mission and our values daily to our team members.  There are no short-cuts.  Hard work combined with skill lets us successfully carry out our mission and values.  When facing the most challenging time of your life, let us help you get your life back.

Our Mission

To obtain the best possible client experience

Our Values

  • Client Service
  • Results Driven
  • Winning Advocacy
  • Ownership
  • Team
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Professional Growth & Development