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The Difference Between Murder and Homicide

Murder and Homicide are two terms that many use interchangeably, but they mean different things. Homicide is a general term used to describe the killing of another human being, whether it was in the line of duty, in self-defense, or otherwise. Murder, on the other hand, is a felony and constitutes charges of simple homicide and intent to kill, making it an extremely severe criminal act and a conviction that could seriously affect your life forever.

Consequences of a Murder Charge

There are three categories of murder, each of which depends on the severity, cruelty, and premeditation of the crime, each of which has its unique punishments.

First-Degree Murder

  • Class A Felony (Premeditation & Cruelty
  • Life imprisonment without chance of parole and a fine

Second-Degree Murder

  • Class A Felony (Cruelty only, usually committed in the heat of the moment, sometimes in conjunction with another felony act)
  • Life imprisonment without chance of parole and a fine

Third-Degree Murder

  • Class A Felony (No Premeditation or Cruelty, usually due to harmful actions against another person, such as assault
  • Maximum sentence of 25 years in prison

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