Our defense attorneys protect the wrongfully accused from the overreaching arm of the criminal justice system. Have you recently been arrested or contacted by federal law enforcement for questioning? If you have, do not consent to anything yet, and do not cooperate in any way until you get a chance to consult with our team of elite federal defense lawyers. Let Vindicate Law’s defense attorneys assess your case before you cooperate with federal investigations so that we can determine the best course of legal action in your defense.

Federal Crimes Our Defense Attorneys Fight Against:

Don’t forget: Our expertise is not limited to the federal crimes listed above —contact us with details about your case to learn more about the charges being tried against you. Our federal criminal defense lawyers will help you build a strong case and work to get your charges reduced or dismissed

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Timothy L. Healy, Vindicate Law’s founder, has been working as a federal criminal defense lawyer since 1995. Mr. Healy quickly gained experience handling serious federal charges such as military crimes and domestic violence, and his track record has grown immensely since the start of his career. Washington residents who are wrongfully accused of a federal offense —or who are facing excessive, unjust charges —should contact Vindicate Law as soon as possible to consult with a federal criminal defense lawyer.

Federal Defense Lawyers with Proven Results

We let our Case results speak for themselves. Our accomplished team of federal criminal defense attorneys has worked on countless criminal defense cases —including many federal offenses —for over 20 years. In that time, our clients have collectively had hundreds of years of prison time and millions in criminal charges dismissed or reduced drastically. Browse our results page for yourself to learn more about our proven track record in defending clients against federal prosecutors

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If a federal agency is investigating you, or you suspect that federal prosecutors are planning to impose criminal charges against you, do not panic. More importantly, do not cooperate with law enforcement —this includes answering ANY questions they ask you or consenting to searches without first consulting with a qualified federal criminal defense attorney. We know your rights, and we understand the many nuances of federal law that often result in unjust charges. Contact us today for your confidential case evaluation, or call (888) 212-4824.