In cases of deliberate false accusations, the case may depend on the credibility of the defendant and the alleged victim. A history of false statements by the accuser, a lack of a prior arrest or conviction record on the part of the defendant, or a lack of evidence of physical injury can support a defense against false domestic violence accusations.

If an accusation has resulted from a mistake or misunderstanding, similar evidence may support the defendant. Additionally, the alleged victim may agree not to prosecute the case, or to support the defendant’s case in court.

Justified Use of Force and Self-Defense

Washington’s criminal code allows a defense to assault charges in certain instances. The use of force is justified, according to state law, when it is used to defend oneself or another from an imminent offense against their person. The use of force must not be more than is reasonable and necessary to prevent, or attempt to prevent, the threatened offense.

The criminal code states that these acts are not unlawful, meaning a defendant does not have to prove self-defense or justified force. Rather, the prosecution must prove force was not justified. Still, evidence of the alleged victim’s attempted offense against the defendant or another person is very helpful.


An accidental injury may, in some cases, lead to a domestic violence accusation. As with false accusations, physical evidence and the credibility of the parties and witnesses are critically important. Any domestic violence charge requires proof by the prosecution of a criminal mental state, ranging from intent to cause harm to criminal negligence. An accident, by definition, occurs without criminal intent or criminal negligence. A defendant can present evidence of a lack of a criminal mental state through evidence of a good relationship with the alleged victim, a lack of prior accusations or charges, or the alleged victim’s refusal to testify against the defendant.

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