Carrie Fulton-Brown Defense Attorney

Carrie J. Fulton-Brown

Carrie Fulton Brown, our Managing Attorney at Vindicate, is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Western Washington. Her aptitude for trial advocacy is unmatched and has nearly a decade of obtaining excellent results for her clients.

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Blake Harris Attorney Headshot

Blake A. Harris

Mr. Harris limits his practice to criminal defense, which includes pre-charging, pre-trial and trial practice. He has zealously represented over 200 clients during all aspects of a criminal case including, first appearances, sentencing hearings and plea negotiations.

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Tim Healy, Defense Attorney

Timothy L. Healy

Mr. Healy has been practicing criminal defense since 1995 and obtains very good outcomes for his clients. He believes the key to a successful defense is thorough investigation combined with extensive experience and formidable trial skills.

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