Defense Attorney for Juvenile Crimes in Washington

Underage drinking, petty theft, gangs, drugs, criminal mischief such as tire-slashing, drugs and vandalism are some of the kinds of juvenile crimes that kids under the age of 18 get arrested for.

If you are the parent of a child arrested for a juvenile crime, you probably want to make sure your teenager doesn’t pay for a mistake for the rest of his or her life. Contact an experienced juvenile crimes attorney at the Vindicate Criminal Law Group.

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Juvenile Internet Crimes

Young adults do not realize that a casual passing of threatening reference about a teacher on Facebook can result in their arrest. Juveniles have been arrested for threatening to kill the teacher on Facebook. A teenager may have been blowing off steam, with no real intent or ability to carry out the threat, but that teen can in fact be arrested for a felony.

Our Attorney’s Job Is to Ensure the Best Defense Possible

While we cannot guarantee results, we are committed to doing everything in our power legally and practically to get your juvenile’s case favorably resolved or dismissed.

We Know How the Juvenile System Works and Make It Work for You

Juvenile court trials involve a judge, not a jury. Judges tend to be more conservative. On the other hand, they are focused on rehabilitation, not penalizing, as in adult court.

Our lawyers will explain to you the mechanics of the legal proceedings that your child is up against. He will help you understand how to combat the charges not only through a knowledgeable, thorough defense but also by making sure your child gets the kind of help that he or she needs to prevent more arrests.

Vindicate Criminal Law Group has extensive experience and excellent results defending juveniles accused of crimes.

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