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“I OWE MY LIFE TO THIS MAN – NOT GUILTY! I work in the criminal justice field and was falsely accused of a very serious “strike” felony – my life and career were about to be ruined.”

– Anonymous, 03/13/2014

Mr. Healy, a member of the Washington State Bar Association, US District Court for Western Washington and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, is a partner at Vindicate Criminal Law Group.  Mr. Healy has practiced criminal defense law in Washington State since his graduation from law school in 1995. He limits his practice to criminal defense in pre-charging, pre-trial and trial practice.

Mr. Healy obtains very good outcomes defending criminal cases. He has taken many serious criminal cases to trial, which include charges of domestic violence, assault and sexual assault. In many trials, Mr. Healy obtained not guilty verdicts and hung juries.  In some instances, he was able to convince prosecutors to decline filing charges or to have charges dismissed prior to trial.   While this is no guarantee of a successful outcome in a future case, it is a measure of his effectiveness as a litigator.

There are many facets to a criminal case where your advocate needs to be exceptional:  pre-charging, pre-trial, trial and post-trial/sentencing.  Mr. Healy believes the key to successful defense of a client is thorough investigation combined with extensive courtroom experience and formidable trial skills.   In part, Mr. Healy has honed these skills throughout his more than two decades of experience as a criminal defense lawyer by keeping up with cutting edge developments in the law and completing the National Institute of Trial Advocacy at the University of Virginia.

He is now using his experience to strengthen and bolster his associate attorneys with dominating criminal defense practices.  He often preaches that a good criminal defense lawyer must be more knowledgeable about the facts of the case than anyone else in the courtroom.  “When it comes to trial, you must be the most prepared person in the courtroom.” Tim says.

Mr. Healy’s father was an attorney for over 50 years.  Mr. Healy’s legal roots run deep. When your life and freedom is hanging in the balance, Mr. Healy can be trusted to use his knowledge, experience and hard work to obtain the best result possible.

When not practicing law, Mr. Healy enjoys time with his family and sailing on Puget Sound.

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