General Reviews

“I have to say that I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney for my son. I shopped around and when other attorneys learned that I had met with Mr. Healy all they could say is “he is an awesome attorney.” I am so grateful for his honesty and hard work. He is the consummate professional but also has a heart. I can honestly say I appreciate his whole team and couldn’t have asked for or prayed for a better attorney for my son. He saved my son’s life. If you are ever in need of an attorney for whatever reason, I sincerely suggest that you call him first.”

“If we had to rate Tim Healy’s firm 1-10 they deserve a 20. We retained Benjamin and Healy for our son who suffers from a traumatic brain injury, they assigned Duncan Lewis to the case. Duncan was so extremely respectful of my son and made him feel very comfortable with the entire process. He was facing 91 days in jail, his jail time was waived, probation terminated and fines pulled from collections. Your firm gave our son his freedom and his life back. Its like a mountain has been lifted off our shoulders and this burden that held him back is no longer there. I cant thank you enough. Or family is forever grateful.”

“Tim Healy’s firm… I would recommend to ANYONE! I have used them twice now, once when i was convicted 5 years ago and AGAIN recently to vacate my conviction! Both times the lawyers I’ve used gave it there all & helped me beyond belief!”

“The Law Firm of Benjamin & Healy, PLLC was the right group to hire for my legal needs. Mr. Healy has a proven track record that can not be beaten, hiring him was the right choice. They have professionals at all levels in the office that knew how to orient clients and locate the best service for my issue. My first contact with this firm was positive and encouraging; insisting they could influence a good outcome. I was explained all aspects of service including: cost, type of legal assistance I needed, and how the process worked up front and by the first person greeting me in their offices. This information provided me a great deal of confidence this firm would represent me in the best possible way. I will consult this firm for future legal needs.”

“I hired the law firm of Mr. Healy to represent my daughter in an attempted murder case in Pierce County. My daughter was a drug addicted and struggled most of her adult life with dependency issues. I was scared for her life and very limited financially. I met with me Healy and his legal team and was very happy with the professionalism, and legal advocacy my daughter received. This was a tough case and a very emotional one for my family and for my daughter. Ultimately she received the best outcome possible and I am very thankful for this firm.”

“I hired this firm to represent my brother on a sexual assault case. The chargers were a lie as my brother was the target of a very bitter ex girlfriend. This firm was professional from the beginning and told us the truth from day one. They believed in my brothers innocence and got him the best results based on the facts! I strongly recommend, this firm, Mr. Healy and all of the attorneys that work here. They will fight for you.”

“I hired Mr. Healy’s firm to represent my son in a Felony domestic violence case. My son suffers from depression and has severe mental health issues that put him in vulnerable situation with his wife. He needed a lot of legal help. Mr. Healy’s firm took my son’s case in spite of some financial issues we had and worked with us in spite of our hardships. Mr. Healy and his team believed in my son’s innocence. We ultimately took the case to trial and won! My son got his life back as a result of the hard work, advocacy and diligence of this firm. I can not thank Mr. Healy enough for the representation we were provided. I would recommend this firm to anyone in true need of legal help. You will get the best outcome with this firm.”

“I contacted this firm after my soon to be ex-wife falsely accused me of domestic violence and filed a restraining order against me. My lawyer was very prepared in court. He was aggressive and thorough. He questioned my ex hard and caught her in several lies. He won my case and literally saved my life! I would hire this firm a million times over.”

“Last year, I had the need to find an attorney to get me out of my very first legal issue. After researching online, I came upon Mr. Healy’s legal group. After a brief discussion on the phone with a team member, I hired an attorney from Mr. Healy’s group and boy am I glad that I did. My experience was that they are all good listeners, thorough with their knowledge of your facts, and most importantly of all; an “out of the box” thinker on my case.
Their collective knowledge of the legal system from both points of view (prosecution and defense) was immensely valuable, and the results speak for themselves. My case was dropped. What else could you ask for?”

“My juvenile son found himself in a very difficult situation faced with felony charges. After our first hearing with a local attorney, we realized that this case was one that needed more seasoned, expert legal representation. We found Mr. Healy’s firm on the internet and contacted him. The level of professionalism, care, and attention to our case was and continues to be outstanding. We don’t doubt for one minute that our son would have been railroaded and sitting in prison as an adult if it wasn’t for Mr. Healy and his staff of expert lawyers. Our son now has an opportunity to learn from his mistakes and move forward to fulfilling his dreams and going to college. I highly recommend Mr. Healy and stand by my review.”

“There are not enough words to express our family’s gratitude to Mr. Healy! It was a total nightmare for us but Mr. Healy and staff helped us get through it. He kept us abreast at every step of the case. We knew we did not have a winning case but it could have been much worse without Mr. Healy’s involvement. I would recommend him highly. He is very personable and really cares what happens to people, even when they do not make the right choices in life. He is inspirational as well. We will always be grateful that he was there and took on our case.”

“Going to jail was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was concerned, confused and needing help so I called Mr. Healy. He and his staff were able to promptly assist me and alleviate my worries. Tim told me that my worst-case scenario would likely not involve further jail time and if I am good for six months, the case will likely be dismissed. I was relieved Mr. Healy was there to fight for me.”

“I came to Tim after having a horrible experience with my previous attorney and he was very straight forward to the point and very honest about my situation as well as what I could expect from his services. Tim has been in the business for over 20 years as an experienced and highly successful litigator which is exactly what you want on your side when faced with any scary legal situation.

One thing I can say about Tim is that I always appreciated the fact that even though he has a team and a staff working around the clock to bring the best possible outcome too light for your case… Tim always makes it a point to oversee each individual detail of the case.

The other thing I really appreciated about Tim was that he was always able to be reached and contacted me back personally within a 24 hour period….(Sometimes walking out of a courtroom just to take my call) I would definitely recommend him in the future for anyone looking to have the best representation on their side.”

“If you need a lawyer your search is over. Timothy is the best! No questions. Weekends, overtime, regular hours, he is there to get you through the troubles and win the battle for you.

I had an emergency I never faced before in my life and I needed an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled lawyer immediately. I reached out to Timothy and left a voicemail with all the details about the issue before dawn on a Saturday. Within couple of hours he called me back, he had already done all the research about the case and he was already working to get my issue resolved. When we spoke on the phone, he showed confidence and was able to answer all of my questions in detail. He is diligent, on point and very thorough. He was following up with me every hour.

After reading his excellent reviews and talking to him on the phone, I was confident he knows his area very well. When we met in person, he gathered all the information needed to start his work and was able to reach out to his client the same day. His work is pristine. By the anticipated court hearing on Monday, he was able to get the case dismissed.

He projects confidence but not arrogance, which gave me a peace of mind and assurance in a stressful situation that I can rely on him to get this issue resolved. I was lucky he was able to take the case. I am very satisfied with his work and the end result and would definitely recommend him.”

“I was put into a situation that I never thought I would face in my entire life, with my entire future depending on it. After a lot of searching I put my trust in Tim. It paid off!!! Tim is direct, straight to the point type of person that you want in your corner. The way he handles himself you can tell he has military background. He was the exact type of lawyer I was looking for when facing a serious charge, a badass who gets things done. Thanks Tim!”

“Almost a year ago, I was charge with a crime without any evidence. All based on allegations I thought the police would dismiss it right away. I was wrong. Before I knew what was happening, I was arrested and charged and had to be in court two weeks later. I did not want a public defender representing me. I looked for a lawyer and like the reviews on Mr. Healy. We met, he was up front on the process and how long it might take and very professional. On June 16, 2015 the charges were dismiss. Thank you, Mr. Healy for saving my life…”

“When I was accused of a terrible crime I felt that I was already found guilty by the investigators, I didn’t have a voice, I would lose my whole life and family at any moment. When I first talked to Mr. Healy I was nervous, I didn’t trust anyone of authority, that feeling passed in less than five minutes, I wasn’t treated like a criminal but like a person, Mr. Healy actually listened to my side of the story! Every question I had was answered straight and to the point, no games. Mr. Healy calmed all my fears when he laid out our decisive plan of action. I had a warrior on my side who would fight for me! I finally felt like I had a chance. I will never forget the words Mr. Healy said to me when my ordeal was over and I asked him, “what now?”, he said “go live your life.””

“I OWE MY LIFE TO THIS MAN – NOT GUILTY! I work in the criminal justice field and was falsely accused of a very serious “strike” felony – my life and career were about to be ruined. Because of my job I know there are different types of lawyers: great, good, average, and flat-out bad. After researching a lot of criminal lawyers and talking with co-workers I chose Tim. During my trial Tim tore apart the many witnesses who testified against me and convinced the jury of my innocence! Words cannot express how lucky I was to have Tim on my side. As far as lawyers go, he is BEYOND GREAT! Thank you, Tim!”

“I met with Healy but decided to hire a less expensive lawyer (my bad). After I paid the other lawyer she told me the prosecutor had a real strong case and I should plead guilty to a felony. I am innocent and was shocked when she told me to plead guilty. I fired her and hired Healy. He told me he could win. What I like about him is he didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk. He was totally worth each and every penny. On the day of trial he was ready to battle. I know this guy knows how to win and the prosecutor knew it too. They caved and dismissed my case. Yes, you read that right: MY CASE WAS DISMISSED!!! I am writing this review to help other people in my situation get the right lawyer from the start.”

“I was extradited to Washington from another state on a 20 plus year old warrant for child molestation. After speaking with other criminal lawyers, my family and I chose Tim. I (we) are so thankful we did. The police and prosecutor said I was a fugitive from justice – like on America’s Most Wanted. They wanted to send me to prison for years. I had other lawyers in the past. The difference between those lawyers and Tim is Tim knows what he is doing and really fought. Tim was prepared for trial, battled the prosecutor, aggressively questioned the witnesses, and won my case. He kept me out of prison. I am so grateful I was able to return home a free man! I can’t recommend Tim enough to anyone needing a top notch lawyer.”

“I was charged with two counts on a child sex case in April 2011. It was evident from the get go that the Pierce County Sheriffs Office had already made their minds up that I was guilty. I was told by a detective that if I didn’t submit to a law enforcement administered polygraph that I would be charged. I knew right then and there I needed a competent, aggressive barrister. We found Tim. From the start he established there would be no gaurentee’s whatsoever, but that he would turn over every stone to prove my innocence. He dove straight in and went to work vigorously. The prosecution delayed as much as they could, all the while I sat in the jail. Tim said it would take between 12 to 18 months to resolve the matter. Tim also did everything in his power to get me out of jail, to no avail. However he was very successful in obtaining every last piece of evidence to prove my innocence. After a 14 month stay in the county jail on erroneous charges he forced the prosecutors hand in dismissing the case! I was free at long last! Thank you Tim for all of your dedication, hard work, and diligence. Also thank your wonderful staff for their hard work too. Without Tim I would be sitting in prison for life….no question. Thank you again Tim for fighting to get my life back! My children thank you too!”

“I came to Mr. Healy because I was falsely accused of domestic violence assault against my boyfriend In short, Mr. Healy fought for me. When the prosecutor refused to dismiss the case unless I took their “deal,” Mr. Healy explained he was confident he could win at trial. He also explained the prosecution could still dismiss my case if he forced them to prepare for trial. Mr. Healy was right! The prosecutor caved and my case was DISMISSED! Thank you Tim!”

“My son was charged with a crime he did not commit. Mr. Healy aggressively proved that he did not commit the crime to a non-responsive prosecutor. He and his staff kept us informed at all times. If you call him he promptly returns your call or one of his staff calls to check on you. His associate lawyers are very knowledgeable and were also great to work with. His secretary is the best. If you need something, she is prompt to get it for you and just a great person. In a time when you need someone’s help, this firm is the place to go and they will take care of you like family.”

“If you are reading this then you are in the right place because TIM HEALY IS A WINNING LAWYER. I found myself on the receiving end of false allegations. I was charged with two counts of second degree assault and one count of resisting arrest. I faced years in prison. I decided that my freedom was too important to place in the hands of an average lawyer. I started my search by looking for criminal trial lawyers that had a high win rate. This type of research can be exhausting, I know! I came across Tim Healy and set up an interview with him to see if I would trust him with my case and my life. Not all lawyers are created equal and not all lawyers truly care about their clients, but Tim does.

Tim will sit you down and discuss the criminal justice system. The one thing that will become quite evident is that the court system in the U.S. is not about finding the truth; it is about stacking the deck against anyone who would dare stand up to them. Tim overcomes these obstacles. He is thorough and meticulous in preparing your case.

Trial is where Tim Healy shines. On day one, during jury selection, I was again reminded that I chose the right lawyer because Tim strategically orchestrated his questions to illicit an emotional response from the jury pool. His purposeful planting of case specific seeds during Voir dire was impressive because it is hard to change a person’s initial opinion once it has been made. This makes it very hard for prosecutors when they have testimony from “alleged victims”. Still, this does not mean you can use the “victims” past history to prove his/her character BUT, with Tim’s vast experience you can rest assured that if there is a character flaw the jury will know about it. Tim aggressively and purposefully cross-examined each of the State’s witnesses. Even though the Judge made it difficult at times, Tim was in control of each witness. The court room is very fluid so, things happen at trial that you will not understand but Tim is keenly aware of what is going on and planning his next move. Tim’s closing argument was a grand finale. He was able to summarize the entire case while pointing out every flaw in the prosecution’s case that would make any reasonable person agree with his theory of the case.

After the Jury deliberated they came back to the court room with NOT GUILTY VERDICTS on the original felony charges. The prosecutor had “sneaked in” additional charges during the trial. Even so, the jury voted ten to two in favor of not guilty on those and the resisting arrest count. After the trial was over, the prosecutor could not stand the fact that she lost and postured like she was going to take me back to trial on the other allegations. Tim was aware of what was going on and gave her a little time to cool off before turning up the heat by threatening to beat her again. It was only a matter of time before the prosecutor gave in. I received a full dismissal shortly thereafter.

If you find yourself charged with a serious crime, I whole heartedly recommend Tim Healy as the best choice to ensure your VICTORY! Thank you again Tim!”

Anonymous, 3/7/2012 on Avvo

“Mr, Healy recently represented me on an extremely difficult and sensitive case. His meticulous attention to detail and unmatched professionalism assured me that I had chosen the right person to defend me. I would recommend his services to anyone that wants quality representation. While no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a particular case, having the right person with the right experience and knowledge is without a doubt quintessential during a defense trial.”

Carrie J. Fulton-Brown

Very Satisfied

“My successful court case was handled by Carrie Fulton-Brown. She is highly professional, skilled, attentive, understanding, and respectful. Given my prior experience with other firms, I was extremely impressed with how available and responsive she was when I had questions. Ms. Fulton-Brown always got back to me promptly and always answered each of my messaged questions. Most importantly, I was extremely pleased with the results Ms. Fulton-Brown was able to get for me, in agreement with a challenging prosecutor. I had already fired another law firm, due to their pessimism regarding my case. Fortunately for me, Carrie Fulton-Brown delivered.”

Anonymous, 4/15/2021
Don’t judge a book by its cover

“I want the person reading this review to know one thing up front and then I’ll add a little bit more about my experience. First, don’t bother trying to figure Carrie out and if you feel you must question her methods, do so with the assumption that you are most likely wrong. I wanted to feel like Carrie understood what I was going through emotionally and I wanted her to connect with me on that level. That is not what is going to help you be successful and in my experience with Carrie, she’s not going to waste anyones time messing around with emotions. What matters most is that she knows what she’s doing and that is going to be extremely important as you are paying her to navigate a system that is already set up against you. Second, I am not over stating my last sentence. The system is set up against the accused. I know there are broken people that do very broken, painful and down right destructive things. Unfortunately, the legal system has no way of knowing the difference. As I learned, there are methods and formulas our world has tried to build to help figure out when what you’re dealing with is a lie, but as I learned in my case, they can and do get it very very wrong. I was falsely accused of some awful things by my daughter and despite my attempts to go along with the systems methods (meeting with CPS, the detectives, etc.) I found myself arrested and formally charged. Fast forward a year and a half later and Carrie navigated the trial process beautifully, leading the jury to return a just not guilty verdict! Lastly, as i’m learning now that portion is over with, it all doesn’t just go away. And for that my friend, I’m very sorry. Like I said, we are working with a very broken system; but with that being said, I was found to be not guilty by 12 of my peers, and I am now free of those charges and able to continue to fight this broken system for my children.”

Anonymous, 12/16/2020

Helpful and hardworking

“She helped reduce my felony sex offense to a misdemeanor with no jail time or sex offense registration. This was the hardest and scariest event of my life so far, but one thing I didn’t have to worry about was that Carrie was doing everything she could for me. The cost was average for the services I required, and the office was attentive to my needs.”

Connor, 5/13/2020

Carrie is Very Knowledgeable,Firm &Hardworking Lawyer

“My Family hired Carrie to represent me on a case where my wife falsely accused me on a crime I didn’t do. Carrie worked on my case very diligently and was able to dismiss my case. I recommend Carrie Fulton-Brown with no reservations to anyone looking for a lawyer.”

Anonymous, 9/8/2019

“I hired Carrie Fulton-Brown as my attorney after an unfortunate alcohol induced run in with the law. Carrie was able to negotiate with the prosecutor and get my case dismissed. Carrie is very knowledgeable and was aggressive in her preemptive legal tactics. Carrie was patient and helpful answering all my questions on how my case could play out. I felt confident with my decision and felt informed about what was happening. My case was finished in well under a year. Thank you Carrie for helping me!”

“Carrie is LITERALLY a life saver. I can not begin to explain how knowledgeable, kind, and hardworking she is. I hired her to represent me where she tirelessly worked for 21 months battling to see to it that I did not end up spending life in prison for crime I did not commit. She is attentive, personable, aggressive, and did everything in her power to secure a NOT GUILTY verdict at trial. She is a true gem, who remained diligent, available, and down to earth. I would recommend her to anyone seeking legal services.”

“I was provided access to one of Benjamin & Healy’s best attorneys. Carrie is an extremely knowledgeable individual that knew my legal issue and was able to provide me a detailed explanation of the process I would experience. She has more than ten years of successful work that shows through the positive outcomes of her clients. I was no exception. Her work and negotiation with the Court resulted in a better outcome than I could have expected and I felt the negotiated elements were fair and reasonable. Carrie is a very good communicator who has exceptional experience in providing client advice resulting in favorable judgements. I couldn’t be more pleased working with this attorney and will consult her for all my future legal needs.”

“I hired Carrie and the Healy team to represent me in a pre-charge case.  Carrie is very firm/aggressive as well as knowledgeable-she put a stop to a situation that could have exulted into a far more complicated case.  I would highly recommend Carrie Fulton-Brown.  Carrie will help you understand your rights and options.”

“My husband was placed in a very serious situation with our daughter and falsely accused of domestic violence. He was thrown into jail over the weekend putting our family in a very dire and stressful situation. We reached out to the law firm of Benjamin and Healy and acquired there services over the weekend! When we met with Ms. Fulton-Brown she was attentive, and knowledgeable. She offered her services to us even after the case was dismissed and helped us in our most serious time of need. We strongly recommend her representation to anyone needing immediate help.”

“Carrie deftly handled my assault 4 case. She was able to secure an outcome where my record will be cleared after two years. I’m very appreciative of her efforts.”

“I was facing 12+ months of prison time and terrified. I hired Carrie and explained my situation, explained how important it was to find an alternative to prison. Carrie was open, honest, and committed to getting the best result for me. She did just that, and my life is back on track! If you want results, call Carrie Fulton-Brown!”

“I got into trouble in 1998 in Arizona with a problem that followed me to Washington. Carrie petitioned the court to release me from my responsibility and was successful. She’s brief, no-nonsense, but will work for you.”

Anonymous, 2/01/2017 on AVV

“I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie Fulton-Brown on two different occasions. When she was practicing family law she was able to win me full custody of my son. More recently I found myself in need of a criminal defense attorney and by gods grace I found Carrie. At great odds and seemingly impossible circumstances Mrs. Fulton-Brown was able to negotiate an outcome that not only kept me out of jail but gave me the opportunity to continue my life with my family and also participate in a program that will help me better myself through hard work and accountability. I would recommend Carrie to anyone and everyone in need of an attorney. She isn’t just an attorney either she is an advocate. She really cares about her work and her clients. You should be lucky to retain her as your council.”

“Great person to take care of your case! My DV case that was against me was a real life headache. At first I was a little doubtful and scared, but Carrie made it where the case was dismissed right at the end. Carrie is very firm and direct in her actions and this helped me out in the long run. It was a pleasure working with Carrie on my case!”

“Carrie was very knowledgeable and available in my sons case. She answered all of my questions at all hours. Carrie was reassuring in a time of uncertainty in my young sons life. even after the case was finished, she helped me get names and numbers for juvenile probation and other things that we were required to take care of per court order. I would highly recommend her.”

“Case Dismissed! I was arrested and charged with assaulting my husband last year. I was extremely concerned because this wrongful charge could have ruined my 20 year career in the medical field. I met with Carrie, who immediately got to work on my case. She was on my side from the beginning and really understood how to work aggressively to convince the prosecutor that I had been wrongfully arrested and charged. Thanks to Carrie, the case against me was dismissed! I highly recommend this attorney to anyone facing an assault charge”

“Carrie Fulton Brown saved our son from Jail time… She was very proficient in handling our sons case. He was facing a felony charge with 5 years jail time. Her continued commitment to fight for his freedom went beyond our expectation. She also keep us informed and was very reasonable in cost of his defense. Carrie is a AAA + Attorney”

Mr. & Mrs. Hill, 10/10/2013 on AVVO

Blake A. Harris

Informative and Helpful

“Mr. Harris was able to get my case reduced from a Class A felony to two misdemeanors! Glad to finally put this behind me! Mr. Harris is well informed with the updates laws and stayed true to his word in what he can and can’t do. I would recommend Mr. Harris for those that may seem to have no way out of a criminal situation find relief and a much better outcome then trying to do it alone. Thank you Mr. Harris.”

James, 3/16/2021
On Point

“Blake Harris is a sharp and dedicated attorney to his clients. He was able to get all four of my charges dropped and we battled the prosecutor for far too long but he was able to get a deal that was so much better than all of us could have hoped for. I appreciate this man and all of his hard work and would recommend him to anyone in a pinch”

Kize, 3/12/2021

Not Guilty thats all i have to say!!!!

“I was accused of sexual assault by two different people and Blake went to battle with me at trial and we won! I am finally free of this case after 5 years. I cant believe that it’s over!”

Anonymous, 12/12/2020
Sex crime

“Blake is a magnificent lawyer, very reliable and dependable always answered any questions I had. Definitely got me the best possible deal without a doubt! Would 100% recommend Blake, he’s and awesome attorney wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again if need be!”

Anonymous, 11/02/2020

Life Changer!

“Blake really saved my life! I was facing a Class C felony. He was able to help me avoid jail time with only a $500 fine!!!! He also did all of this in only 2 court appearances which saved me more in the long run as I live on the other side of the country. He is a must have on your team if you are facing legal problems!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Blake!!”

Chris, 7/20/2019

“Blake was able to negotiate away my DVPO. He went through everything step by step and was easy to communicate with. I appreciate all his hard work and an beyond satisfied with the outcome he negotiated!”

Brian, 7/6/2019

“Blake was able to negotiate away my assault charge. It took months worth of negotiating with the prosecutor and alleged victim but eventually the victim agreed to a misdemeanor compromise. So glad that this case is finally over! Thanks Blake!”

Chris, 7/20/2019

Great Criminal Attorney

“Blake not only took the time to help me understand my case, but, as this was my first criminal trial, he helped me understand the dynamics of the proceedings and court room. This was a very stressful event for me, so understanding what was going on was crucial for me to be successful (and reduce stress), the result being the case getting dropped by the prosecution before it was taken to trial.”

Anonymous, 7/23/2019

Best experience in an unfortunate situation!

“Blake won my husbands Anti-Harassment order case. Really appreciated all his effort and constant contact with us. Glad to finally have this done and over with. I am thankful for all the professional detailed and attentive work he did for us, we could not have done this without him. Thank you so much Blake!”

Anonymous, 8/29/2019

“Found out that my now divorced wife of 44 years had a boyfriend behind my back. I said a couple of things to her that she didn’t like about the situation. She files a Domestic Violence and Restraining Order against me. Now I’m in serious trouble. I had no idea how serious the trouble was. But I soon realized that I needed professional legal representation. Thank the starts I found Blake Harris. I am old and was so confused. The court system is way over my head, and the stress I was going through was killing me. Blake stepped in and took control. I knew immediately that I was in good hands. Blake was there for me 24/7. He would answer all my questions and was always available. I found out how stressful court is. But with Blake by myside fighting hard for me, I made it through. I can’t thank you enough Blake. On September 27, Blake closed my case in court. I am now done and my life can go on. My ex was trying to destroy me, but Blake got me through it. If you need serious help like I needed, call Mr. Harris. Thanks for being there for me Blake. You are the best.”

Terry, 10/4/2019

“Blake was an amazing lawyer her went above and beyond to help me out of a quick jam. Thank you again for all the help that you have given me.”

Manuel, 10/10/2019

“Blake was able to get my vulnerable adult protection order dismissed. So happy that my grandmother is back living with us. Thanks Blake!”

Anonymous, 11/12/2019

“Blake was very patient with our family, sorting through the information we provided and condensing it to a workable amount. He reached out to everyone possible, asked plenty of questions, and looked at the various possible defenses to help protect us against false claims. We’re really happy with his hard work and all the care he put into our case.”

Gordon, 12/10/2019

Great Representation and Communication Through a Stressful Time as a client

“Blake was able to work it out with the prosecutor to get my case dismissed! As my first time dealing with a lawyer and court, he was able to walk me through every step of the way with what to expect and best/worse case scenarios. He was always available to be reached and I felt like no question was a bad question. Thank you Blake!”

Anonymous, 2/1/2020

Very Nice & Helpful

“Blake was able to get my case dismissed. Now I can apply for permanent residence. Thank you Blake.”

Anonymous, 2/12/2020

Phenomenal Knowledge and Service

“Blake was able to work out a reduction from a sex crime felony to a misdemeanor. I was confused throughout the court proceedings as this was the first time I had ever been in serious trouble, I was really appreciative of the constant contact Blake provided so as to clear any questions up along the way as well as the fact that he battled for me through this whole vase. He took every step possible to ensure that I got the best outcome and I am more than grateful for all the work he put in. He gives a sense of reliability and peace and will work with you from the beginning till the end, even after your case is over! No doubt my life could’ve been ruined but Blake helped me have a second chance at life and continuing my career! If you have any doubts or uncertainties, Blake will help! Blake will get it done for you!”

Anonymous, 5/19/2020

“What can I say about the “mild-mannered super-man attorney” Blake Harris? His calmness kept me calm because of a serious wrongful accusation against me. His X-ray eyes were able to analyze the police reports and showed the prosecutor that the alleged victim had accused the wrong person. There was no evidence whatsoever that I committed this awful crime. Mr. Harris was able to get my sex crime charge dismissed in federal court quite easily. Thanks, Blake, and best wished to you and your family, God Bless!”

Anonymous, 5/27/2020

“After months of the state dragging my case out, Blake was able to show the different pieces of conflicting evidence and negotiate a dismissal. My life can finally go back to normal. Thanks Blake.”

Anonymous, 8/17/2020

“For months the prosecutor would only offer a felony. Blake would call and email the prosecutor to negotiate down to a misdemeanor, but he never responded or wanted help me in anyway. Finally, Blake was able to get the victims advocate contact information and through her was able to find out what the victim wanted. He provided that information to the prosecutor (because the prosecutor wouldn’t review his email between Blake, the victim advocate, and himself) and negotiated a misdemeanor offer. Blake was in my corner the whole time. Thanks Blake.”

Anonymous, 8/20/2020

“Blake is extremely patient and respectful. He was extremely helpful with my case and was willing to go out of his way to make sure his client is satisfied”

Anonymous, 9/1/2020

“Blake always listened to what I had to say then worked to see how he could help. He was kind, respectful and always incredibly professional. He will always put the client first.”

Anonymous, 9/29/2020

Excellent Communicator

“I was charged with aiming a firearm. Blake was able to negotiate a deal where in a year those charges will be dropped. From the day first day I talked to Blake over the phone until even now he has made himself readily available to answer any questions I had throughout the process. There was never a moment I wondered what the next steps looked like.”

Anonymous, 10/1/2020

Great experience!

“Blake got me a deferred sentence for a misdemeanor after I was charged with two felonies. He always kept in contact with me and negotiated several times with the prosecutor over this. Was really happy with Blake and the entire firm. Would recommend him to anyone facing charges.”

Anonymous, 10/3/2020

“I had been charged by my now ex wife with domestic violence. She was trying to destroy me. I contacted Mr. Healy and he took my case. I knew nothing about what I was up against. I went to his office in Tacoma and his team took the time to understand my side of the story. It was a year long fight, but today, Blake Harris, one of Tim’s best attorneys, closed my case with the court. Tim, Blake is amazing and you guys are the best. Will recommend your team to anyone that needs the help I got.”

Anonymous, 9/27/2019 on Martindale-Hubbell

“Blake took on my conviction case from 2014 and helped me get my record vacated!! He was an excellent lawyer and worked his magic when we ended up hitting a bump in the road! As someone who doesn’t fully understand legal terms, he was right there helping me understand the best I could. I would highly recommend using Blake! He definitely knows how to take care of his clients!”

“Blake Harris was fantastic when he represented me for a Simple Assault, getting me an SOC rather then a year in jail. My case, a charge that’s usually resolved in 30-60 days, ended up lasting almost 6 months. The entire time Blake kept me fully informed of what was going on an what my options were, I never had a question unanswered or need unaddressed. Blake worked tirelessly with a prosecution consistently calling for a guilty plea to get me the SOC option which will see all my charges dismissed in two years. I can’t thank you enough Blake!”

“Blake did a great job with my case. He was able to get my potential felony charge down to a simple misdemeanor. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“Blake Harris did a great job on my case. He is a caring and competent lawyer who takes his client’s cases seriously and makes every effort to research all the facts. He fought very hard for me in a difficult case involving domestic violence which thankfully, was ultimately dismissed.  Blake is a hard-working attorney who leaves no stone unturned and is a great communicator. He always answered my phone calls, texts and emails promptly with clarity and conciseness and demonstrates a clear passion for the law and in the rule of law itself. This attorney is a young man of sound moral fiber with integrity that is beyond reproach. I highly recommend him.”

“Blake did an excellent job for my case. He restored my firearm rights in Washington and then sent an appeal to the Feds to restore my rights nationwide. Communicated every step of the process to me. Would recommend to anyone needing legal help.”

“Blake made my case, a cake walk. He was a text or call away for any questions I needed even on a late Friday night. Not once we had any sort of communication issues. I would highly recommend.”

“Blake fought very hard for my case. I was charged with 2 felonies and he go it down to 1 misdemeanor. I would have never gotten the deal I had without his knowledge and experience. He is very prompt and returns calls and texts in a very quickly manner. Blake was there at all hearings and always positive and looking for a great solution. I strongly recommend any dealing with legal problem give Blake a call.”

“Blake is a great lawyer. He is very informative and knowledgeable. Hard working man and cares for the people he helps. We got a great deal with this case that was a grave misunderstanding. I was glad to have him on my corner.”

“I was charged with an assault for sexual motivation about a year ago and my case had been unresolved (without any progress) by the time Blake took over in November 2017. A handful of more experienced and “older” lawyers were assigned to my case before Blake, but a lawyer’s experience can never outweigh his/ her level of care for clients. Pre-Blake, the “best” deal that other lawyers could obtain (in the 6 months period) was a really bad plea deal from the prosecutor (maximum deferred sentence, strict probation rules, etc.). All of these terms would harmly affect my immigration status in the US and the probation terms were really difficult to meet as I have moved to another state. Other lawyers kept on insisting for a trial while knowing it was difficult to prove my innocence, and none actually tried to negotiate with the prosecutor (with the exception of Blake’s prior direct reporting attorney at his firm).

When Blake took over, he made several negotiations with the prosecutor to reduce my deferred sentence to an “immigration safe” offense and also helped me obtain an unsupervised probation. This definitely helps me to remain/ live in the US and also live out of Washington state without any travel restrictions – both of which were my top priorities in this case.

It was almost impossible to get my case dismissed or win in trial (as I didn’t have enough proof and women in WA almost always win in court when there is no proof). Given the circumstances, I definitely got the best deal that any WA lawyer could have gotten without a trial. My prior “more experienced” lawyers on couldn’t even get close to what Blake achieved.”

Anonymous, 2/6/2018 on AVVO

blake harris save my life

“I had a previous lawyer who said there were no options dismissal. I was frustrated and hired Blake. Blake reassured me that we could likely get a dismissal and he began negotiating with the prosecutor. Blake came up with a creative solution to the prosecutors holdup they decided to give me a dismissal. I’m so glad this is all over. Thank you so much Vindicate Law!!”

bo, 8/29/21 on AVVO

Highly recommend Blake!

“I was in a long term relationship that turned toxic and shortly after I ended the relationship and moved out her two daughters and their grandma hated me so much they came up with a bunch of lies and falsely accused me. The state charged me with felony sexual assault and I was looking at over 20 years in prison. Connor and Blake from Vindicate Law were able to push the prosecutor and obtained a dismissal of the false accusations. So grateful to the team at Vindicate! I highly recommend them. Professional, hardworking, transparent, communicative, relentless and very knowledgeable.”

Anonymous, 8/12/21 on AVVO

Domestic Violence DV 4

“Blake just kept pushing for the deal we wanted and the prosecutor finally caved. She kept throwing out awful deals but Blake reassured me that we need to keep pushing. Now my case is finally over. I’m so relieved!”

Anonymous, 7/20/21 on AVVO

*Each client’s case presents unique facts. Past results do not guarantee future success.

Gloria Backus

professional, efficient and personable

“My experiences with Att. Gloria Backus were professional, efficient and personable through and through. She knows her craft and walk the extra mile for you. I am glad she replaced my original lawyer and she handled with utmost care and professionalism my case. I really appreciate working with people that care for you on a personal level instead of just handling you as a “case“. I highly recommend her.”

June, 12/21/2020

Connor Jepson


“Connor was able to convince the court to reinstate my deferred sentence after I missed my court date. It was a long shot, but he delivered the result I wanted. He was also polite and responded quickly to all my questions. If anybody needs a reliable and knowledgeable attorney then Connor is the perfect person to hire. I would hire him again without no doubt. Thanks again Connor for the excellent work that you’ve done to help my situation out.”

Daniel, 3/23/2021

Phenomenal Attorneys! Best in the State.

“I was in a long term relationship that turned toxic and shortly after I ended the relationship and moved out her two daughters and their grandma hated me so much they came up with a bunch of lies and falsely accused me. The state charged me with felony sexual assault and I was looking at over 20 years in prison. Connor and Blake from Vindicate Law were able to push the prosecutor and obtained a dismissal of the false accusations. So grateful to the team at Vindicate! I highly recommend them. Professional, hardworking, transparent, communicative, relentless and very knowledgeable.”

Anonymous, 8/12/21 on AVVO

The best

“I recommend this attorney. Connor was able to work with the City and the alleged victim and got my misdemeanor theft charge dismissed quickly and efficiently. He was attentive, helpful, and I enjoyed working with him.”

Josh, 7/22/21 on AVVO

Wonderful experience!!

“I was falsely charged with felony theft. There were over 3000 pages of emails, bank account statements, and lies from my former employer. Conner was able to sort through it all and get me the dismissal I deserved. Thank you so much Conner!”

Anonymous, 7/15/21 on AVVO