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Bellevue Lawyer Helping Individuals Fight Charges of Sex Crimes

Bellevue is Seattle’s largest suburb and is located across from Lake Washington. Although it is a wealthy and pleasant community, it has its share of sex crimes accusations like other communities around the country.

Charges involving intimacy are particularly sensitive. If you are accused of a sex crime near Bellevue, you should retain a capable criminal defense attorney to aggressively assist you. Vindicate Criminal Law has the knowledge and dedication to craft an effective strategy tailored to your situation.

Mounting a successful defense to allegations of sex offenses requires an experienced attorney.

For more than 20 years, Vindicate Criminal Law has provided stellar defense in cases requiring any criminal defense legal service. We are dedicated Bellevue, WA sex crimes lawyers who defend the rights of individuals.

Don’t hesitate to call our 24-hour hotline at 425-230-3765 to schedule a confidential consultation.

What is a sex crime?

Sex crimes refer to a variety of illegal conduct, from exhibitionism and sexually explicit threats, to child pornography, and rape. These types of crimes require an intentional act, such as the use of threat or force, to engage another in unwanted sexual conduct.

In addition to rape, these crimes include other types of sexual misconduct, even if they do not involve violence or intercourse. Sexual assault, for example, is a common charge covering anything from violent attacks and attempted rape to unwanted contact and threats. Sexual assault generally requires a physical touching or contact with a body part without the victim’s consent. Examples of other sex crimes include:

Sex Crimes under Bellevue Washington Law

All related offenses are set forth in the Revised Code of Washington. Child molestation requires the perpetrator to “knowingly cause” sexual contact with a person under 18.

Sexual misconduct with a minor includes conduct involving abuse of a significant relationship or supervisory position with respect to the victim; contact between enrolled students and school employees; and abuse by foster parents. Indecent liberties refer to forced sexual contact with victims who, because of their age, disability, or incapacity, are unable to provide consent.

These types of offenses are easy to charge but hard to defend. Washington law does not require corroboration of the alleged victim’s testimony: it is one person’s word against another. Thus, a winning defense often requires exclusion of hearsay evidence and undermining the victim’s credibility.

Convictions Have Devastating Consequences

Washington law severely punishes people who are convicted. The Legislature has significantly increased prison time for sex offenders under revised sentencing guidelines. A “determinate plus” sentence requires the offender to serve the minimum sentence set by the court, then request release at the end of the term. Because most requests are rejected, defendants are actually sentenced to an “indeterminate” term that could mean life in prison.

The severity of the crime can affect the penalty imposed upon conviction. For example, second-degree rape of a child requires the prosecution to prove that there was sexual intercourse when the victim is 12 or 13 years old and that the defendant is at least three years older. This is a class A felony, which means if you are convicted, you can be sentenced up to life in prison, or fined up to $50,000, or both.

Bellevue Washington law also requires that sex offenders register in a state database, which dramatically limits the defendant’s choice residence and employment opportunities.

In addition to imprisonment, the shame and stigma attached to a conviction can scar a person for life. Left undefended, even a baseless accusation can permanently damage an individual’s family, career, and reputation.

A Bellevue Criminal Defense Lawyer is Essential

Sex crime charges can have life-altering consequences, even if there is no conviction. This is why it is so important to retain an attorney as soon as you know you are accused of this type of offense.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help.

For more than 20 years, we have protected the rights of people accused of committing sexual offenses in the Bellevue area.
We can skillfully reveal flaws in DNA and forensic evidence, exposing mistakes made by law enforcement at the scene of the crime. We excel at swaying even the most reluctant juries.

We have successfully defended numerous clients charged with rape and sexual misconduct, resulting in acquittals, the dismissal of criminal charges, and drastically minimized sentences. We can help you clear your name and move on with your life.

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