Diligent Legal Representation For Criminal Defendants in Kent

Located between Seattle and Tacoma, Kent is the sixth-largest city in the state of Washington. It was originally settled in the 1860s and was then called Titusville. Shortly thereafter, the city became a center for hops production, but this industry was short-lived because of an aphid invasion. The city is divided into East Hill, the Valley, and West Hill. As in other communities, domestic violence is a serious issue in Kent. However, sometimes these accusations are made for the wrong reasons, such as revenge or to gain the upper hand in child custody or alimony negotiations. Even if they are not sustained, charges of domestic violence in Kent can have life-changing consequences. If you are facing prosecution, an experienced criminal defense attorneys at Vindicate Criminal Law Group can help protect your rights.

Facing Prosecution for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence covers a broad range of crimes in Washington, including rape, assault, and criminal mischief. Even before a criminal defendant is convicted, a number of conditions may be imposed that may seem punitive. Most often, the judge requires the criminal defendant to have no contact with the alleged victim, even if this is not what the victim wants.This can prevent adults from contacting each other consensually, and it can impair the defendant from parenting his or her children.

The court may also prohibit the possession of weapons and consumption of alcohol or any drugs that are not prescribed. The prohibition on weapons can affect those who hunt for sport, own a gun collection, or work as police or security officers. The alleged perpetrator of the violence will also have to appear at all court dates and may be denied bail, depending on the circumstances.

If you violate any of the pretrial conditions, bail may be revoked or the violation may be charged as a crime. Perhaps most disturbingly, violation of the no contact order can result in jail time even if the original domestic violence allegation is later found to be untrue.

A wide range of outcomes is possible after a domestic violence charge is filed against you. The outcome that most defendants want is a dismissal with prejudice. This happens if the trial verdict is not guilty or if the state agrees to dismiss the charge and does not think it will be able to file the charge again. A dismissal with prejudice means that defendant has been exonerated, and the case is closed. There are also dismissals without prejudice, which are less favorable because the state can file the charge again.

Sometimes the prosecution will agree to remove the domestic violence designation in exchange for a guilty plea. This reduces the number of harsh consequences that arise due to this classification. For example, an adult defendant who is found guilty at trial of domestic violence assault would not be able to carry guns again until he or she petitions the court after 10 years had passed without further charges being filed. The defendant’s lawyer might be able to remove the domestic violence designation from the charges by negotiating to plead guilty to ordinary assault.

Enlist a Kent Attorney to Fight Your Charges

If you are convicted of domestic violence, your life may change in many ways, and your family may never be the same again. However, an experienced lawyer may be able to get the charges dismissed or reduced, or take the case to trial and win. At Vindicate Criminal Law Group,we are diligent in our defense of individuals charged with domestic violence in Kent. Contact us today for your confidential case evaluation, or call (888) 212-4824.