Seattle Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Seattle is the fastest-growing major city in the United States, and that fast growth has led to an increased demand for attorneys of all kinds, including sex crime attorneys. Seattle, like many other cities, takes sex crimes and domestic violence very seriously, and if you’ve been charged, it’s essential to have quality representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

The charges of sex crimes carry a stigma that can change your life, whether you remain in Seattle or move elsewhere. If you are facing prosecution, seek advice from the Vindicate Criminal Law Group in protecting your rights.

Sex Crimes in Seattle

Sex offenses cover a broad range of illegal conduct involving sexual contact or sexual intercourse, including and extending well beyond rape.

Those convicted of a serious sex crime will face not only jail time and fines but also forced registration in the state’s sex offender database. The database is publicly accessible to neighbors, potential employers, and any other interested parties.

Registered sex offenders have restrictions on where they can live and work, and they must maintain the registration and alert the state of Washington to any changes in address. If you leave the state, you must re-register as a sex offender in the new state based on that state’s laws for sex offenders.

Sex Crimes Involving Children in Seattle

Most states have a single statutory rape law dealing with sex with minors. In Washington there are three degrees of rape of a child and three degrees of child molestation. Consent is not a defense, in contrast to rape involving adults.

First-degree rape of a child occurs when the victim is a minor who is 11 years old or younger, and the perpetrator of sexual intercourse is at least two years older than the victim. As with other types of rape, sexual intercourse is defined as penetration, even to a slight degree, with a body part or object. The punishment for first-degree rape of a child is up to life in prison, a fine of $50,000, or both.

First-degree child molestation happens when there is any sort of sexual contact between a victim who is 11 years old or younger and a perpetrator who is at least three years older. Sexual contact is defined as the touching of another person’s intimate parts in order to cause sexual gratification. Like first-degree rape of a child, the punishment is up to life in prison, a fine of up to $50,000, or both.

As is the case with other sex crimes, anyone with a conviction for a sex crime involving a minor will also need to register as a sex offender.

Discuss Your Charges with a Seattle Lawyer

Seattle prosecutors may continue to pursue domestic violence or sex crime charges even after a victim drops the complaint. These cases can severely impact your reputation, limit your freedom of movement, and exclude you from certain professions.

If you are facing prosecution in Seattle, you should retain an experienced sex crime attorney. At Vindicate Criminal Law Group, we are aware that these cases often turn on the credibility of witnesses and the ability to raise reasonable doubt and tell your side of the story in a compelling way. Contact us today for your confidential case evaluation, or call (888) 212-4824.

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