Criminal Defense Attorney in Bellingham, WA

The coastal city of Bellingham, Washington, sits just 20 miles south of Canada and 90 miles north of Seattle. As one of the most populous cities in Northwestern Washington, Bellingham offers plenty of events and attractions in addition to the surrounding mountains and shorelines.

Like any other city, Bellingham works to minimize criminal activity. And like any other city, we do have crime.

And when we do, the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Vindicate Law ensure the accused are treated fairly and given the chance to start again.

If you’re facing prosecution for a crime, entrust your case to an experienced and caring criminal defense attorney in Bellingham, WA. We’re ready to listen to your story and help you determine the best path forward.

Practicing a Range of Criminal Defense Areas

We understand the weight of your situation.

No matter if the act was a first-time minor offense or something far more serious–an arrest can remain on your record and an actual conviction may impact your career, relationships, and access to certain rights.

We respect our clients by sharing the reality and possibilities of their case while remaining positive about working for the best possible outcome.

At Vindicate Criminal Law Group, we work in several areas of criminal defense because we know that defending someone accused of domestic violence is a totally different job than defending someone accused of theft.

We’ll take a personalized approach based on your accusation as well as your specific needs and goals.

Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crimes can range from public exhibitionism to rape. Violence and body parts may be involved, but they aren’t always. Child pornography and molestation also fall into this category.

The truth is that sex crimes are challenging to defend in Washington. It’s your word against the victim’s, and accusations like rape and voyeurism tend to tarnish the accused’s reputation, even before a conviction.

Often, our sex crimes attorneys defend clients by exploring the accuser’s credibility and dismissing any hearsay evidence.

It’s possible that mistakes were made by law enforcement during evidence collection, and we’ll investigate to the best of our abilities.

After that, we can concentrate on fair sentencing and database registration as needed.

Domestic Violence Attorney

Unsurprisingly, the courts and the public sympathize with someone claiming to be the victim of domestic violence.

Further, historically, law enforcement hasn’t always treated these cases fairly, allowing abusers to get away with far too much.

Both situations make defending against a domestic violence accusation relatively tough. Even if the claims were fully fabricated as leverage in a divorce case or out of jealousy, proving that won’t be easy.

It’s always in your best interest to work with a domestic violence lawyer in Bellingham, WA domestic violence cases.

DUI Attorney

A great deal of the success of your DUI case depends on whether or not you’ve faced previous DUI charges.

If this is a first-time offense, you may only face a gross misdemeanor. However, previous DUI charges, as well as certain previous vehicular charges, can turn your actions into a felony.

Keep in mind that DUI charges are used in drug offenses, too. Tests for drug use are not as straightforward as alcohol testing, and it pays to have an attorney who knows how to present that aspect to the courts.

Because the charges involve measures like blood alcohol content (BAC), timing of drinking, or a breath test, there may be a lot to keep track of.

An experienced DUI lawyer is going to have a better chance than the accused of spotting errors in this evidence and the legality of its collection.

Theft Attorney

The seriousness of your theft case directly relates to the value of the stolen property.

For example, stealing a car is a felony that could mean a decade of jail time and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Stealing a $500 television, on the other hand, might cost you one year in jail and up to $5,000.

Unlike many of our other practice areas, theft generally doesn’t involve harming another person physically or emotionally. Violating property, while certainly not acceptable, isn’t considered as serious as violating people.

Still, the ramifications can be far reaching, and it’s wise to work with an experienced theft attorney.

White Collar Attorney

“White collar” crime is a type of nonviolent crime that is committed by business and political leaders who have access to large amounts of money.

The consequences of white collar crime can ruin companies, campaigns, and families and shake public trust in institutions.

Vindicate Criminal Law Group has seasoned attorneys working with our white collar clients. We recognize the importance of discretion, as well as protecting the employees and families of the accused.

If you’re facing charges of fraud, wage theft, bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, cyber crime, forgery, or another nonviolent crime, you can count on our white collar attorneys to represent you to the best of our ability.

Other Types of Criminal Defense

Sometimes, people accused of crimes live under different legal systems because of their age or occupation.

Juvenile Attorney

People under 18 aren’t subject to the law the same way that adults are. While we all make questionable decisions as teenagers, some have far greater consequences than others.

If you or your child are facing charges, talk to our juvenile attorneys about seeking the best outcome possible.
Military Attorney
People in the military live under different rules and laws than those not in the military.

It’s vital that your military criminal defense lawyer understands the different laws that apply, and how they interact with each other.

We have a great deal of experience in this area and are prepared to learn about your case.

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All too often, people are wrongly accused of crimes and face charges that upset their lives for years.

Despite the fact that you’re innocent until proven guilty, it might not feel that way without the right attorney in your corner.

Even if you did commit a crime, and whether or not you’ve been convicted, you and your family deserve respect and security.

Our team has the knowledge and network to give you a fair chance in Washington State’s legal system.

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