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We are an elite team of expert criminal defense attorneys and are proud to serve and defend the Pacific Northwest Region of Washington and have done so with 50 years of combined experience.

Our preeminent standing in criminal defense is supported by our countless winning case results and innumerable 5-star reviews proving client satisfaction. At Vindicate, our lawyers are highly trained in trial advocacy and mastery of persuasion through oral arguments and cross-examination to ensure our clients receive the best result possible. This domination of skillset is invaluable to getting your life back. Do not wait or risk ineffective counsel.

Ensuring our clients and their loved ones get their life back is our top priority. As such, we remain committed to providing our clients with the top criminal defense services in Washington State to include Bellingham, Bellevue, Seattle, Renton, Tacoma, Everett, Olympia, Port Orchard and all surrounding areas.

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Carrie Fulton-Brown Defense Attorney

Carrie J. Fulton-Brown

Carrie Fulton Brown, our Managing Attorney at Vindicate, is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Western Washington. Her aptitude for trial advocacy is unmatched and has nearly a decade of obtaining excellent results for her clients.

Blake Harris Attorney Headshot

Blake A. Harris

Mr. Harris limits his practice to criminal defense, which includes pre-charging, pre-trial and trial practice. He has zealously represented over 200 clients during all aspects of a criminal case including, first appearances, sentencing hearings and plea negotiations.

Tim Healy, Defense Attorney

Timothy L. Healy

Mr. Healy has been practicing criminal defense since 1995 and obtains very good outcomes for his clients. He believes the key to a successful defense is thorough investigation combined with extensive experience and formidable trial skills.

Gloria Backus

Gloria Backus is a criminal defense attorney who brings over 25 years of diverse legal experience to Vindicate Criminal Law Group’s team.  One distinct advantage Ms. Backus has over most – she was a Federal Prosecutor for the US Government.

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Facing criminal charges is a tremendous hardship.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can quickly and accurately assess a case and identify the key points on which it will turn. Time is often of the essence in criminal cases. Consultation with a defense law firm before arrest or immediately afterwards can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. When your freedom is at stake, it is not a time to hold back. If you believe you are so much as suspected of a crime, you should consult with an experienced Seattle criminal defense lawyer right away to help get your life back.

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Case Results


What Happened: Client was ex-military. When over seas, client’s wife lied to the police about “beating her”. Vindicate took the case to trial because client did not want this DV attached to his record. Case was successfully dismissed.

Assault 4 Domestic Violence
Lakewood in 2018

Dismissal after diversion program

Worked with the prosecutor and was able to secure a diversion agreement. Once the client successfully completes the terms of the agreement, the case is then dismissed.

Assault 4 Domestic Violence
Lacey in 2018

No deportation. Jail time of 179 days versus 364 days.

Client did not want to go to trial and was at risk for deportation because of this charge. Client had multiple attorneys prior to hiring Vindicate. We worked with prosecutors and were able to obtain a plea that eliminated the risk of deportation.

Assault 4 Sexual Misconduct
Seattle in 2018


Client was falsely charged with molesting a 13-year-old. Prosecutors had physical evidence and reports to counselor. Vindicate Attorney was able to get the case dismissed.

Child Molestation
Kitsap County Superior in 2019


Client was facing 20 years of prison time. Vindicate Attorney secured a dismissal during trial.

Rape of Child and Child Molestation 2
Pierce County Superior in 2019

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“I OWE MY LIFE TO THIS MAN – NOT GUILTY! I work in the criminal justice field and was falsely accused of a very serious “strike” felony – my life and career were about to be ruined. Because of my job I know there are different types of lawyers: great, good, average, and flat-out bad. After researching a lot of criminal lawyers and talking with co-workers I chose Tim. During my trial Tim tore apart the many witnesses who testified against me and convinced the jury of my innocence! Words cannot express how lucky I was to have Tim on my side. As far as lawyers go, he is BEYOND GREAT! Thank you, Tim!”

“I was served with a protection order from my soon to be ex wife that I had been with for 40 plus years. Never seen it coming. I was totally lost. When I read the order I realized she was out to destroy me. Thank God I found Mr. Healy. I walked into his office and his professional team made me feel like family. They wanted to hear every detail about my situation. They were in no hurry. I then realized I had the right people on my side. Thanks Tim for fighting so hard for me. Two parts to my case, and already the first part was thrown out, thanks to Tim and his staff of professionals. Major thanks’ to Tim, Michelle, Tyler, and Quinita. Thanks so much for listening to me and being on my side when I had no one else. If you need help like I did, contact Timothy Healy. Thanks Tim.”

“I hired this firm through a friend referral and it was the best decision I made. This firm was knowledgeable, prepared, confident and communicated with me very closely. I was very afraid of the court system and didn’t understand the process. Duncan put me at ease and handled my case in the best possible manner. My case was dismissed! I owe my life to this firm and would recommend Mr. Healy and his team of attorneys to anyone in need of serious help.”

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