Those facing serious criminal charges in Washington often require legal guidance if they want to keep the accusations they face from irrevocably changing their lives. A criminal defense attorney is often someone’s most crucial form of protection when facing criminal prosecution, but they are far from the only professional who may play an important role in someone’s defense and exoneration.

Professional private investigators can also help someone accused of breaking Washington state law prepare for their trial. How might a private investigator help someone facing criminal prosecution?

They can potentially uncover new evidence

Although private investigators don’t have all of the same professional authority that police officers do, they do have training that helps them look through the existing evidence and explore a case more deeply than the average person probably could. Local law enforcement authorities may have stopped pursuing the matter after making an arrest meaning that there could be an opportunity if the investigation continues to discover who actually committed the crime that a defendant stands accused of committing.

A private investigator can review hours of surveillance footage. They can pore through financial records. They can speak with witnesses and those indirectly related to the criminal incident to look for details that the police may have overlooked. The evidence that an investigator uncovers can influence the outcome of criminal proceedings or sometimes even lead to a new trial if it is significant enough.

They can help reframe evidence

Even in scenarios where private investigators don’t find anything groundbreaking, their perspective on the case could be very valuable during a trial. They could propose alternate storylines that help jurors reconsider the narrative pushed by the prosecution. They can also provide a unique form of insight into the different people involved in the situation that may inspire more careful consideration by the courts. Especially when they cooperate with the defense attorney representing the person accused, the investigator could play an important role in developing a defense strategy and helping someone avoid a criminal conviction.

Connecting with the right professional assistance can make all the difference for those accused of serious criminal infractions in Washington.